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The Worrying Box

I stopped to visit a special lady at the nursing home one day and learned a valuable lesson. I was worrying about some church issues and the sweet lady I was visiting knew it. She showed me this box she had on her dresser. She called it the worrying box.

She explained to me how it worked. When you start to worry about something you stop and write it down and you put it in the worrying box. When you place something in the worrying box what you are doing is giving the problem to God and so you don't have to worry about it because He will take care of it for you.

She says whenever she starts to worry she writes it down and put it in her worrying box and then she forgets it because she knows God is going to take care of it. Later towards the end of the month she opens the box and looks at all her worries and she said it has never failed her they have always been taken care of. Not always the way she had hoped but God worked out the details and took care of it for her. Then she throws them away and starts over again.

How about you, do you do a lot of worrying? Why not make yourself a worrying box and let God do your worrying? I tried it and it works and God always takes care of my worries. Maybe not like we hoped or wanted but He does what is best and everything works out for the best.

Sometimes we can learn from the folks who many think are not running on all cylinders. If the truth be known many of them have more smarts than we think they have. Allow someone to teach you something and you might find yourself blessed.

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