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Let Go Of The Oreo Or You'll Be A Dead Monkey

In the jungles of Africa they take a coconut and make a hole in it and put an Oreo cookie in the hole. Then the monkey comes along and puts his hand into the coconut. After he grabs hold of the Oreo cookie he tries to remove his hand; but his hand won’t come out because when he has ahold of the Oreo cookie his hand cannot come out of the hole. The monkey wants the Oreo cookie so bad that he will not let go and so he is caught by those trying to trap him. The reason he is caught isn’t because his hand is stuck in the coconut, it is because he won’t let go of the Oreo cookie so his hand will come out. He wants the Oreo cookie so bad he ends up getting captured because he won’t let go.

Satan is trying to trap and capture you and me and he puts things like the Oreo cookie within our grasp and when we don’t let go he captures us in a matter of speaking. He cannot have our soul but he can ruin our testimonies and our lives, because we won’t let go of the Oreo.

The Oreo Cookie represents the things in our lives that displease God and disobedience to God. What is the Oreo you won’t let go of?

Is your Oreo unfaithfulness to God? Satan has filled this world with all kinds of things that can cause us to be unfaithful to God and His house. I can't tell you of the number of excuses I have gotten from people as to why they can't serve God or be in His house. I can remember a man who gave me the excuse that "he had a quart of milk in the refrigerator" and that was why he missed church. When I looked puzzled he added, "one excuse is just a good as another." We can make excuses until we are blue in the face but it doesn't matter, God knows our heart. Let go of the Oreo of unfaithfulness and come back to a wonderful fellowship with God.

Is your Oreo a unforgiving spirit? We can determine in our heart that we are not going to forgive others and bitterness with build up because of our unforgiving spirit. Really it is better for our health to forgive than it is to hold in bitterness. The unforgiving spirit will only bring on grief and anxiety. Let go of the Oreo of a unforgiving spirit and enjoy a sweet fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Is your Oreo unconfessed sin? The Bible says, "If I regard in iniquity in my heart the Lord with not hear me." Psalm 66:18 When we have sin in our life it puts a barrier between us and God and He cannot hear us. How can we talk to God with unconfessed sin in our lives? Let go of the Oreo of unconfessed sin in your life and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with God's love.

Is your Oreo unwillingness to pray? Prayer is how we talk to God. God loves to fellowship with us and when we fail to pray it affects our fellowship with God. Is that what you are holding on to? Let go of the Oreo of unwillingness to pray and enjoy a sweet fellowship with your Savior.

Let Go Of The Oreo Or You'll Be A Dead Monkey!

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