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Be Careful What You Ask For...

I was reading a blog on my sisters' blog and saw this title. Actually I wrote a sermon with that title some years ago. I thought I would revive it again.

The other day I mentioned that it hasn't rained in awhile. Actually I hate rain but I thought we could use a little bit to make the grass green again. We now it has been raining for the last week and I have had enough. They say April showers bring May flowers but I would just like the green grass and flowers without all the rain.

Going back to my sermon. Sometimes we ask for things or we want things and then when we get them we change our mind. The nation of Israel in the Bible ask God for a King and God gave them one and then they were not happy with that.

We to ask God for things and then when we get them we change our mind. I am not talking about the fancy car you want or the green lawn. I know of Churches who have been without a Pastor for awhile and they pray and ask God to send them a Pastor. God sends them a Godly Pastor and he begins to lead the Church and some say hold it this isn't what I meant. What you meant to ask God for was a Pastor that wouldn't step on your toes and preach sugar sermons and not do anything that might upset the congregation.

Sometimes sin must be removed and it is like cancer. It attaches to something and won't let go. Surgery has to be done and sometimes the operation hurts. After the operation there is the healing time. The same goes for sin in the lives of people. Sometime people become attached to their sin and God uses His servant the Pastor, to preach His Word to expose the sin and help to get it removed.

When I went to Pleasant View I didn't know what to expect but I knew God sent me there for a reason. When the sin was exposed some didn't want it removed. The problem was it was effecting the entire Church. We pray and ask God to help us grow but we don't want the sin removed. Without the removal of the sin we can't see the blessing of God.

So what do we do is we let the sin fester and it gets worse and by the time it is removed it has affected the whole body. God sends someone, (that is the Pastor), to admonish you and encourage you and help you to keep His house pure. If we let it go too long He will write "Ichabod" over the door. The presence of the Lord has departed. When that happens you can't expect anything to happen that is good.

Well, be careful what you wish for...

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