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Where am I?

I am going to describe a place I was at and I want you to try and guess where I was. (It isn't necessary where I am right now.)

I am sitting down and from where I am sitting I can see a sign that advertises food. I can look around and I can see a lot of cars some are newer car and there are also many old cars. I can see a lady putting something into her car, it is a small dog. She puts it into the back seat and closes the door. I see a long boy riding his bicycle across the road. He has a friend who is walking behind him.

I see a line of cars lined up at a stoplight. I also see a big semi truck with a advertisement on the side of the truck. It is driving the opposite direction. There are two people in the truck. The driver looks like a man and the passenger looks like a lady. Her window is open and her hair is blowing in the wind.

I see a man with some type of hose. It looks like a power washer. He is spraying something with it. Water is coming out of the power washer and running on the ground.

Do you know where I am? If so contact me and make a guess.

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