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Sometimes People Can Be A Pain

Sometimes people can be a pain. Since I have been in Alton, Illinois, Kelly and I try to get up to see Paul in Portage, Wisconsin. I would like to get to see Faith my daughter but she has refused to see me. Every year if we can we usually take our camper up to Wisconsin and camp for a week so we can spend some time with Paul. Several years we went to a RV Park in the Dells. We stop going there as they didn't have any internet access and we couldn't find anything local that we could use. In later years we start going to the Sky High Campground and RV Park in Portage.

This past year we went as usual and we took our camper and our box trailer which we put my scooter and our golf cart in. It makes it easier to get around the campground. The last two years we had our own golf cart but the two years before we rented one from the campground. It was really expensive so we only got it for one hour. By having our own golf cart we could have it the entire week. It cost $75.00 an hour so if you add up the hours we were there which was about 168 hours, we could buy a golf cart so we did.

As I said before we had brought the golf cart the year before and never had a problem. This year the owner saw me driving the golf cart and ask where we got it and I told him that we bought our own as it was cheaper. He didn't seem to like losing the revenue and he ask me if I had insurance on it. I said through my insurance company but I didn't have the policy with me. He said I couldn't continue using it until I got the policy. They would need to fax me one or send it snail mail. He was just being a pain because I wasn't renting a golf cart from him.

Well I continued to drive it and I just stayed out of his way. He was a real pain in the butt. We aren't sure if we are going back to that campground anymore. The problem is there isn't any other good campground close to where Paul lives. I guess we are going to have to research it and see what we can do.

We had talked about getting a motel for a weekend instead but I am not sure what we will do. I don't want to deal with that owner again. He was rude in front of my grandchildren and they thought he was going to kick us out because he was so harsh. It was totally in poor taste.

Another time I had my vent on the roof blow off on the way up. It was pouring rain and I ask if he had a latter I could and he said he did but he couldn't let me use it because I might sue him if I fell. I ended up going to the hardware store and buying one and now I have to carry it in the truck incase I need it.

Some people are just a real pain. I don't think he wants my business.

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