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My Ordination Thirty-Three Years Ago Today

Thirty-three years ago today I was ordained. I was at my Church in Baraboo, Wisconsin and it was a very special day for me as I was able to have my Father as one of those who participated in the day. Rev. Robert Parnell from my home church preached the charge to the candidate, (which was me) and Rev. Sam Martin, Sr. (My Dad) preached the charge to the Church. Our three deacons also served on the council.

Prior to the actual ordination several events happened. I had a funeral that day which was strange as my Dad had just got in town and I had to leave for the funeral. The other interesting thing was the ordination was held on a Wednesday night. We had a larger than normal attendance on that night.

Then before Church the council met in the Church basement for my questioning. I was thankful that it was over before time for the service. I have been in several since I was ordained and many of them went on for several hours. I was thankful that they didn't make it into a production. I think when you have the entire Church present and visitors that many times those asking questions try to trip up the candidate and make it into a production.

Then we had the ordination service at 7:00pm and it went very smoothly. Rev. Robert Parnell came from my home Church. I was hoping that Dr. Delashmit could make it but he was away on a revival and his assistant Rev. William Stedman was preaching in his place and so they sent Rev. Robert Parnell who was the Youth Pastor. Bob and I served on the staff under Dr. Delashmit for many of the same years. I served as the Junior Church Pastor for almost 5 years. My Dad traveled from Texas to be a part of my ordination and that was special for me.

I thank God for this special day and I celebrate it each year as I thank God for calling me into His ministry to serve Him. This will be one of the first times that I am not a Pastor on this special day.

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