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A Very Good Memory Of The Grand Canyon

Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon? It is remarkable and if you see it you won't forget it. On a trip to Arizona to visit my Uncle Glenn & Aunt Joann we had that opportunity. While we were down there they gave us the royal treatment and it will not be forgotten. The food we devoured alone would make your mouth water. I won't go into it as it makes me hungry every time I think about it. Then there is the trip to the Grand Canyon. That won't be forgotten in my lifetime.

I won't write about all the details of our trip but just to give you a few highlights. We took a road trip to see the Grand Canyon and stopped at a motel on the way and then we started fresh in the morning so we would have a full day to experience the best of the Grand Canyon. We got there and we went to beautiful view after beautiful view. My eyes couldn't believe the beauty we were experiencing. It was an awesome trip and I will never forget it.

I don't know if my Uncle & Aunt knew how much it meant to us but we were blessed over and over by their love and concern for our time during this trip. We were glad we got to experience it with them. I know my Uncle had to put out some extra energy into that day and he was a trooper. When the day was over he had more energy than I did.

If you have never seen the Grand Canyon I want to tell you that you need to experience it. Take an entire day and really enjoy it. Breathe in the beauty that only the Master Creator could create. You can't experience the Grand Canyon and not believe in God and the creation.

We fought the wind on the trip back and I hesitate to say we, as I wasn't driving. Kelly and I rested while we were given a ride of our lifetime. I wasn't sure how they kept the car on the road as it was so windy but they did it and we got home safely. And guess what happened when we got home? My Uncle took leftovers and made another great meal. Who can do that? Well, he did and my mouth is watering again.

If you haven't seen the Grand Canyon make plans to go. You won't regret it and you will see the handiwork of a great God.

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