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Are You A Phony or Are You Genuine?

I am not anyone really special but I feel I am a genuine person. I don't lie to peoples' faces and usually what you see is what you get. I have had the opportunity in my lifetime to have a few friends. Many of them have been genuine friends and I could count on them. On the other hand I have had those who claim to be friends but are really just phonies. (You know who you are because you know yourself better than anyone.)

Jesus is a genuine friend. He will be there for you when things get bad. He will walk with you through the fire. He will swim with you through the deep waters. When everyone else turns their back on you He will still be standing by your side.

I am not a mind reader and I don't know what is going on in your mind but God has given we a sense to know phonies and those genuine. My heart breaks when I hear people talk about me behind my back. I have been standing in another room and have heard what people said about me and it hurts. They put on this phony face but in reality they are not who they claim to be. Has that ever happened to you? When it does you get a clear picture of who you can trust or not.

Several years ago I was talking on the phone to someone. The conversation was over but when they hung up or shall I say they thought they hung up... I should have hung up my side but when they started talking about me to whoever was with them I couldn't help but listen. Have you ever wondered what people think of you? Why don't they just say it to your face. I can tell you, it is because they are a phony.

I know that we don't always like to walk up to people and see how much we can hurt their feelings but I do think that sometimes we ought to be truthful with them. I know a person who always had a forest of hairs growing out of their nose. I wasn't about to walk up to them and say; you have a forest of hairs growing out of your nose. You can do it in a better way. Find a way to share with them without being offensive.

I had a time that my barn door was open, if you know what I mean. Someone came up to me and walked me aside and told me about it. I want to tell you I was grateful for their help. Others might be offended but I was thankful. It would be easy to stand back and laugh or just watch how others react to a sad but unfortunate situation. A real friend should care enough that they would not be afraid to share the truth with a person who needs their help.

Well, ask yourself, are you a phony or are you genuine?

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