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The View Point Of A Pastor

I don't know if you know this but the life of a Pastor is filled with ups and downs. Not everyone likes what the Preacher does. Some feel he gets paid too much and has too little work to do. The fact of the matter Pastor's are quitting the ministry because too much is expected of them. The church people feel he is their hired help and they take advantage of it. If the truth be known much of the work the church people expect the pastor to do is their responsibility.

The Pastor shouldn't have to be cleaning the toilets, shoveling the walks, mowing the grass, and so on. The Pastor should spend most of his time preparing for the next Sunday, ministering to the sick, counseling, and so forth. Most Pastor's I know dread business meetings because some feel this is the time people bring out the boxing gloves.

When I was at Baraboo we had the sweetest business meetings. The reason is that nobody had an agenda they were going to fight for. If anyone had a matter to bring before the church they submitted it to me the Pastor and then I would talk with them about it and then we would bring it up. Nobody tried to blindside anyone by bringing up something at the last minute to cause a problem. We didn't have anyone having meetings to discuss church business without the Pastor being there. Because we did things this way we had things run decently and in order and the spirit of the church was sweeter.

Many times people wonder why God doesn't bless the church. I can tell you that when people try to be secretive of their agenda and only share it with people they think will support it, that isn't something God is going to bless. The reason churches go through Pastor after Pastor after Pastor is because the people don't want to follow the Pastor they have a different agenda. If they don't like what he is doing they will just get another Pastor.

Think about it the next time you start plotting what you think is best for the church. The Pastor wants what is best for the church and he tries to stay in tune with God so he can lead; but when someone goes behind his back it makes for a difficult situation.

My prayer is that you seek the face of God before you do something like that. Another thing I have seen over the years, people come to the Pastor and share their ideas and if he doesn't use them they become offended. You need to let him know that you will support whatever he does even if it isn't your idea.

May God bless you as you seek to be the best leader the Pastor has. He needs people who he can depend on and trust to not stab him in the back.

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