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The Healing Power of Jesus

In Matthew 9:19-22 we find a woman who has a diseased that she had for over 12 years and she spent all her living on Doctors to try and find a cure for it. She was at the end of her rope when she heard about Jesus and how he was healing people and so she thought she might go to him to see if she could be healed. When she found Jesus he was surrounded by people and the opportunity to talk with him seemed impossible. It was then that she thought if she could touch His garment that she could receive healing. So she got close to him and tried to touch His garment and when she did she was healed.

As she was about to leave Jesus said to her, “Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole.” It was her faith that made her whole. She believe strongly that if she could just touch the hem of Jesus’ garment that she could be healed and when she did her faith in His healing power made her whole.

Today we have many healers, feelers, and squealers but none that have the healing power that Jesus had. Over the years most of my experience with these types of people I have found that they would tell the people who didn’t receive healing that their faith wasn’t strong enough. I think that Jesus still has the power to heal. I believe we can pray for God’s healing power and if it is within His will we can receive it. I do believe we need to have faith that He can heal but just because we are not healed doesn’t mean our faith was not strong enough. It may not be in God’s perfect will or in His time table. We can pray for His healing but we must wait upon Him and allow Him to heal according to His will.

Sometime God teaches us through our sickness and I know that God has made many a person strong in sickness. “For when I am weak He is strong…”

If you are going through a difficult time be assured that God will use your sickness to make to strong. You need to pray for His healing but please understand that if you don't get healed it doesn't always mean that you didn't have enough Faith. God has a timetable and he does things on his schedule. Continue to pray, believing. Wait patiently for his answer.

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