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My Brothers & Sister

I have two brothers and a sister. I hope you will humor me on this post as I really want you to hear this. My sister is the oldest, I am next in line, then Tommie is next and Dan is the youngest.

For those who are not aware we lost our mother when we were young. I was almost seven years old. This was a very hard time in our lives but somehow we are turned out to be decent people. I have always been grateful that my Dad kept us all together and didn't separate us.

First my sister. Mary being the oldest has been there for each of us during some very difficult times. She lives on the East coast with her husband Dan. She calls him "The Hunk". They have several children and grandchildren. I have always looked up to my sister as she was a strength for us when we needed it most. Many years have pasted and we all have changed. My sister has changed and she seems to be a little stronger willed than I remember as a young boy. She has a wonderful family and they have had their ups and downs. Without a question she had been the strength for her family. I commend her for her hard work. She is an author now and I am very proud of her. I only wish I could write like her.

My younger brother is Tommie and he lives in Oklahoma and he loves horses. The last time I saw him he still had a horse. Right now he is going through some difficult times and they are trying to control a medical problem he is experiencing. I pray for him daily like I do my other brother and sister. He has a wonderful wife named Glenda who has been a pillar of support. I wished you would put him on your prayer list. Tommie plays the guitar and the bass guitar and he was playing in the church band but I am not sure if his health will allow him to do so now. Pray the God will give him the strength he needs.

My youngest brother is Dan and he lives in the Chicago area. He has been at the same job for almost all of his life. I can't say the same thing for myself. If I had to type a resume' you wouldn't believe it. Dan is married to Mary and they have a wonderful family and a few grandkids. BTW we have a lot of Dan's and Mary's in the family. They have a daughter named Mary Lois and a son named Dan, Jr. Another feat they have done is live at the same address for a very long time. I just found out they have lived at the same address for 31 years. I lived in Baraboo, Wisconsin 16 years but at two different addresses. I have lived here in Alton, Illinois for 19 years. I guess that would be a record for me. Dan has been at his job almost 40 years. They have lived in Chicago for 39 years.

I can't tell you everything about them but I love them very much. They each have their good points and their bad points. I have good points and bad points myself. All I want is for you to remember my family in prayer. My brothers and my sister. Also pray for Kelly and me as well.

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