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A Miracle That Only God Could Work

Today I want to share an interesting story about how God works to protect us. Sometimes we don't understand what is happening but God intervenes and protects us using measures we can't understand.

Kelly and I were going to a reunion at Tenkiller State Park in Oklahoma. She was driving the Plymouth Acclaim pulling a flat trailer that had two scooters on it. I was driving our van pulling our popup camper. Abby was in the car with Kelly and Titus our dog. Josh was in the van with me following her. We had walkie talkies in the car and van to communicate back and forth.

I am not sure where we were in the trip and that doesn't really matter. The events that happen are the most important part. Kelly called back to us that her gas tank was showing almost empty. I told her that couldn't be possible as we hadn't driven that far since we filled up with gas. She insisted and so I told her to get off at the next exit and we would go to the gas station.

She pulled off at the next exit and just as she got to the end of the driveway she stopped and I did too. I got out to talk to her and as I did I saw that the hitch had completely fallen off the Acclaim. If we had been driving at 55-60 and that happen the trailer would have come crashing into Josh and me and we would have probably been killed.

Josh helped me unhook the flat trailer and we moved it on the side where it would be out of the way. I went into the gas station and told them what happen and ask if I could leave the trailer there for a bit until we could get the hitch fixed. They said that would be fine.

Kelly and I decided we would fill the car up and then find a motel and try and call around to find someone to fix the hitch. The hitch was going to need to be welded back on the car. When Kelly drove the car up to the pump she said her gas tank was showing almost full. We all looked at it and couldn't believe it. I put gas in but it would only take about $5.00 worth of gas. We figured it was God's way of protecting us by making the gas gauge malfunction.

We found a motel and we sneaked Titus in the room because we weren't sure if they allowed dogs. I unhooked the popup and Josh and I went back with the van to get the flat trailer. Then when we got back to the motel we started to call around to try to find somewhere to get the hitch fixed. We found a place but they were closing and couldn't do anything until the morning. They promised me if I came first thing in the morning they would take care of it.

So we decided to get some sleep and I would go over first thing in the morning and get it fixed. Early the next day I got up and went to the place we had called and they said they would have to put a new hitch on. The blessing was if we wanted it they had a used hitch that would work on our car. He fixed it right away and then I came back to the motel and we ate breakfast and then hooked up the trailers and got on the road for Tenkiller State Park.

We weren't very far from the State Park when Kelly heard a noise under the hood we all pulled off into the gas station. I went in the station and they we closing. I ask him if he could just look at it so we would know what we had to do. A water hose had blown and was needing to be replaced. He said he would stay open and fix it if we went and got the part. Two doors down was an auto part store and they had the hose we needed in stock. I paid for it and brought it back and he fixed it for us.

After we got it fixed we got back on the road. Tenkiller State Park wasn't very far but is was already dark. We got the popup set up but when we tried setting the tent up we had a terrible problem. The ground was so rocky we couldn't get our stakes in the ground. The kids had to sleep in the popup. We really needed a good night sleep and we got one on that first night.

We were thankful to God for His protection and we enjoyed the rest of the trip. Coming home we didn't have any trouble and all went well. That was a trip when we truly saw the protecting hand of God.

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