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On this blog I have a "Prayer Request Page" and I want to thank those of you who have been faithful to visit it and pray for the requests. I still want you to know if you have a request I will add it to the list.

I was going down my list of Facebook friends and I noticed that several of them I have not heard from in a long while. I pray that God is with them and all is well. Many of you post on a regular basis and I have gotten to know you a little better through your posts. I can't reply to all of them or that would be all I do and that wouldn't go well with the management.

I do read them and am concerned about what is happening in your life. I want you to know I pray for you. As most of you know back in June of 2010, Kelly and I lost Josh in a boating accident which took his life. He has always been on our hearts and minds. If you have lost a loved one I know you have experienced the same thing.

I want to ask a favor of you. If you have lost a loved one can you send me an email at and just give me their name and when I pray for you I will know that you have gone through that same grief that we went through.

When we lost Josh one of my friends on Facebook sent us a series of books to help with that grief and I will always be thankful. It helped me a great deal. I lost my mother, Mary Lois Martin (Ketner) as a young boy of almost 7 and then over the past several years I lost my Grandma Ketner, Grandpa Ketner, Aunt Peggy, Aunt Mary & Uncle Charles, Uncle John & Aunt Betty, Grandmother Martin, and many others extended family. And we lost Joshua Adam Harrop on June 20, 2010.

Sometimes it helps us in our grief to talk to others and I want you to know if I can help please let me know. Since I am not Pastoring a church right now; I feel unneeded or wanted so if I could help I would love to.

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