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I Had To Get My Gun Out Of The Safe This Morning

I had the worse experience you could ever imagine this morning. When I got up this morning it sounded like someone was breaking into my house. I got my gun out of the safe and I went to check it out. As I was coming down the stairs I could see someone dressed in black with a hood on going through the drawers in the kitchen.

I pointed my gun at him and told him to put his hands up. He put his hands up and when he turned around I thought I recognized him. I ask him what his name was and he mumbled something I couldn't understand. I yelled for Kelly to call the police and I told him to lay on the floor face down and to stay there until the police got there.

As he was laying on the floor he began begging me to let him go. He said he had never done this before and that he would do whatever he could to make it right. To be honest with you I felt sorry for him but I knew if I let him go he would never learn his lesson.

Finally the police got here and I let them in. I couldn't figure out how he got in the house as the front door was locked and all the windows were closed. I decided I would let the police figure it out as I was a bit nervous about checking the rest of the house.

One of the officers checked the back door and the yard and another one went to check all the windows. The other officer put the cuffs on intruder and took him out to the squad car. I looked out my front window and saw three squad cars with their lights flashing.

I thought to myself the next door neighbors are going to wonder what was going on but I didn't see anyone out there. I did see several people standing out side the gas station across the street. They were all trying to see what was going on.

I went out to the front porch and sat in a chair and waited for the police to get finished. A guy from the gas station came over to the house and came up on the porch.

He began to pull my leg like I am pulling yours. And so I must say April Fools.

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