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Are You Kidding? Are You Sure You Want To Do That?

Have you ever thought about all the things you do? Do you make a difference in the lives of those around you? When you stand before God are you going to hear the words "well done my faithful servant"?

Each day we live we ought to make an effort to make a difference in the lives of those around us. Many times we try to bring people around to our way of thinking' but is our way of thinking right? Think about the things you are promoting these days on Facebook, Twitter, and so on. I am revaluating my life and I have been thinking about this. I want to be sure what I do pleases God.

Recently I have seen some of the things people have posted on Facebook. I am seen people attack others that are suppose to be friends. Do you really love your friends? Then why talk like that to them? What would Jesus do?

I don't mean to be harsh but I was thinking last night about some of the things we say and was wondering if they truly please God. Some people may not really care if they please God or not but one day we will stand before Him and give an account. Time is running out and soon the trump will sound and our Savior will return for us.

I hope today you will look back and think about the things you say and do and make a change if necessary. Maybe you don't need a change but if you do I hope you will make it.

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