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When Is The Best Time To Forgive?

When is the best time to forgive? Most people think that when the person they have offended asks for their forgiveness that is when we should forgive. I think about Jesus on the cross as He said Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

I think the best time to forgive is as soon as you are offended. You don't have to make an announcement but if you forgive them then, you won't have to hold any bad feeling inside. If you hold bitter feelings inside it will only cause resentment and make you miserable. Is that what you really want?

I had an experience I am not going to name the names of those involved. I was very offended and I became very bitter and it hurt my relationship with the person. They were very close to me and I loved them dearly but I was mad because they had offended me. I wrote them a long letter and told them how offended I was and I never got a response. I got even more bitter and angry.

Finally I got some wise advice from my mentor, Dr. James W. Delashmit. He told me to forgive them and forget about it and give it to God and I would be a better person for it. Well, that is what I did and I lost all the hard feelings and my relationship with that person is better than ever.

They never ask me to forgive them and they have never acknowledge the offense. I dropped it and put it in the hands of God. I can tell you that my life is much better and I lost all the bad feelings I had.

If you have a situation like this I want to highly recommend that you just forgive them without any fan fair and turn it over to God and watch how He clears your mind and heart and gives you that love and relationship you had before the offense.

I know it works because I experienced it and I am a better man for it. How about you? Why not take the plunge and forgive and forget and have a clear heart and mind?

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