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The Death Of A Pet

I don't know how many of you have experienced a death of a pet. I have had to experience it on several occasions. When I lived in Baraboo I had a Dalmatian dog we called Beth. I should say that she was a rescue dog and that we didn't have papers on so we didn't know if she was full blooded. Whoever dumped her cut her tail off and Dalmatians don't usually have their tail cut short.

We took her in as a puppy and I house trained her. She was a very good dog and we loved her very dearly. As she grew older we found out why whoever had her might have dumped her. She began to have seizures and we had to give her medicine to control them. The doctor thought she would out grow out of them and maybe be able to live a full life.

As she got older they got worse and sometimes they were very violent. They got so bad that she was in pain and the doctor felt she was suffering that she should be put down. That was a very hard time in my life as I loved her so very dearly. The doctor wanted to do an autopsy so he could see if he could find the reason for the seizures. After the autopsy he told us that it looked like when the dog was a puppy a car may have hit it and the injury was to the head and I can't really explain it like he did but because of the injury there was stuff that grew on the brain that caused the problem.

I don't know if you have ever lost a pet but when you grow close to them and then lose them it hurts like losing someone in your family. The pet has become part of the family and it is a deep lost to you. I grieved for a long while and if you have lost a pet I am sure you experienced the same thing. Beth was part of our family for almost ten years.

If you take pictures you can keep them special in your heart. God gave the animals to us and as we grow close to them we make a bond with them. They become part of the family and when we lose them it hurts. If you have ever lost a pet you know what I mean.

My Dalmatian Beth will live in my heart as she had an impact on my life. She loved me unconditionally and I loved her too. I took the very best of care of her because she was special. I have had several pets I have lost by death and each of them have been hard. I will share about some of the others at a later date.

Don't let anyone take away what you had for your pet. Whether it was a dog, bird, cat or some other animal. They are all precious is the sight of God.

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