Waking Up Suddenly

Have you ever woke up suddenly? While I was Pastor at Pleasant View many times I would wake up suddenly for no reason. I don't know what you do when this happens, but I pray. Usually when this happens I think that maybe God has something to tell me.

Over the years while at Pleasant View when this happened I would pray for ever one of the members of the church. I prayed for them by name and I prayed for God to comfort them if they needed comfort. I prayed that if they were not feeling good that God would give them strength for the day. I prayed if they were discouraged that God would encourage them in their spirit. I prayed for their financial situation, I prayed for their family and I did this for each of the members of the church. I also prayed for those who were not members but attended regularly.

I found that after I did this I was able to go back to sleep without a problem. It would take a while to pray for all of them by name but I felt that God would bless me for my efforts. Sometimes I had difficulties with some and it gave me an opportunity to share my heart with God and ask Him for strength in dealing with them and I ask God to help me to love them as I love Him. It helped me to stay faithful all the years I was at Pleasant View.

We had some very wonderful people at the church and I still pray for many of those families today. I sometimes wonder if I was a help to them over the years I was there but I know that God knows I worked my best to encourage, challenge, rebuke and love.

When Facebook became a big thing I began to pray for all of my facebook friends by name. That becomes very hard when you have a large number of friends. I would have to get up and go over my friend list to remember all the names. It has become easier with time. From the posts that they post I am able to better understand them and it helps me pray with a bit more understanding. I have used this time of prayer as a ministry since I am not Pastoring a church right now.

I hope if you are reading this that you will take a moment and say a pray for me. While you are at it pray for my family. We can always use the prayers.

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