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Dr. James W. Delashmit Former President of Hells Angels

I got a great deal of emails about Dr. Delashmit when I mentioned it in another post so I want to touch upon it. I will write more later on because he had a big impact on my life.

Dr. James W. Delashmit when I first met him was the Pastor of a church in the Chicago area. He was formerly the President of the Hells Angels of St. Louis, Missouri. Through the testimony of his sweet mother he went to church in Florissant, Missouri and received Christ as his Savior. At the time he was doing $75.00 a day in drugs and when he went to the altar to accept Christ as his Savior, he gave up his drugs.

Dr. Delashmit life was changed and as he began growing, as a Christian he decided he was going to go into evangelism. He attended Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri and graduated. He then began preaching revivals all across the country, preaching his sermon, "From Dope To Hope". After doing that for many years he decided that he didn't want to keep glorifying his drug use and so he began to hold revivals and didn't spent an entire sermon on his past with the Hell's Angels.

Not sure of the date but a church in the Chicago area extended a call to him to be their Pastor. They would allow him to preach 25 weeks of revivals a year, as long as he wasn't gone on Sunday. He recorded three albums and was an accomplished singer with a beautiful voice.

I served under Dr. Delashmit for several years as the Junior Church Pastor. And later was called to a church in Baraboo, Wisconsin. I was at the church in Baraboo, Wisconsin for almost 16 years. He was very supportive of me over those years, an for that I am thankful.

Dr. Delashmit came to Baraboo and preached a revival for us and also preached his "From Dope To Hope" sermon which he had stop preaching but did so for me as a favor. We had 252 in attendance the night he preached that message at that revival. The local Madison news came and did a feature on our revival. (I will share more about this later in another post in the future.)

Dr. Delashmit died after I moved to the St Louis area and I wasn't able to attend his funeral. He died on December 27, 1999 which was nine days after his 61st birthday. I don't know any other details. He was my mentor and I miss him dearly and he had a great impact on my life.

If you type in his name in Google there is a church that has his sermon from "From Dope To Hope" online. I have a copy of it when he was preached it at my church in Wisconsin but it isn't for sale. I know you would enjoy it so if you are interested check it out

This post has gotten a lot of hits. If you are interested in hearing more about Dr. Delashmit visit my website at

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