A Very Sad Day In Our Families Life

It was the Friday before Father's Day, June 18, 2010; and we went to bed late n Friday night like we always did. During the night there was a very bad storm that blew over Alton and the whole area. Shortly after the storm blew over the telephone rang. We were told to come out to Holiday Shores as Josh was missing.

When we got out there, we found out that Josh and some friends were out on a Pontoon boat and when the storm blew over it blew their chairs off the boat. Three boys including Josh jumped off to get the chairs. The storm got worse and the driver of the boat could only find two of the boys; Josh was still missing. He circled around several times and they looked and looked for him but couldn't find him.

They came in to call 911 and the Madison police and a rescue unit came out to search for him. We thought maybe he just swam to shore when he couldn't get back to the boat. We went to Michelle's (Josh's wife) parent's house and waited to hear something. They search all over the lake and there was not any sign of him. Around 3:00am on Sunday morning the said they found him and the police was going to take us where he was.

When Kelly and I got there they told us that he didn't make it and they needed us to identify the body. This was a very low point in our lives. Josh was a very important part of our family and he was taken so very quickly.

The rest of the night is a real blur but on Sunday morning Kelly went with Michelle's family and Josh's dad to the funeral home to make arrangements. It was Father's Day and I knew it would be hard for the church to find someone on short notice to preach for me so I decided I would go to church and preach the morning service. We canceled the evening service.

The rest of that day isn't very clear in my mind but the memory of Josh remains in our hearts. On my blog if you click "Memorial" you can see a picture of Josh. We know Josh is in heaven but we still miss him dearly. The memorial page is there for everyone to see and we hope that you will remember him with us. His birthday is March 26, 1988. If he were alive today he would be 29. This year is the 7th anniversary of his going home to be with the Lord. He died, June 19, 2010.

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