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I Had A Blue Steel Revolver Held To My Head

One Sunday night I was getting ready to come home from church and my car wouldn't start. At this time in my life I was serving under the ministry of Dr. James W. Delashmit, who was formerly the President of the Hells Angels of St Louis. He got save in a wonderful way which he preached for many years in his sermon, "From Dope To Hope". He was in evangelism for many years and then he took a church in Illinois. I lived in Blue Island, Illinois at the time and was serving in a intern type of position.

Back to my car wouldn't start. Dr. Delashmit offered to let me use his car and he had a very nice fancy car. I drove home being as careful as I could. When I got home I parked the car and I was having trouble turning everything off as I was not familiar with the car. Finally I got out and was going in the house when a man came by and said your light are on. Sure enough they were so I went back and unlocked the car and turned them off. As a closed the door that man who told me my light were on had a Blue Steel Revolver held to my head. He took me in between the apartment buildings and told me to lay down on the ground or he would shoot me.

Then he went into my back pocket and took my wallet. For some reason while I was in church that night I took all the money in my wallet and put it in my side pocket. The only money I had on me was the cash and checks I had collected from my accounts from the sales job I had at the time. He put his hand in that pocket but didn't go to the bottom and then he stood up. I looked back and he said keep my face to the ground or he was going to shoot me.

I laid there for a few minutes and didn't hear anything and so I looked back and he was gone. I jumped up and ran zig zags for a long way and then walk through the apartment buildings until I got back home.

I called the police and they came out and took my statement. They had a couple of squad cars circle the area to see if they could find him but nothing turned up. I got a new drivers' license and social security card as that was all I had in the wallet of value. I did have a picture of my mother and my grandpa, (her dad) in my wallet and since my mother was killed in a car accident when I was almost seven if was not replaceable.

I never heard anything again about the incident until about a year later. I had moved to a house in Blue Island, Illinois and one day I got my wallet in the mail. Everything was in it just as it was when I was robbed. I called the police and they said the robber probably tossed it when they didn't find any money and it laid on the road until someone picked it up and dropped it in a mailbox.

I still have that picture of my mother and grandpa that was in that wallet back then. I carry it with me always to remind me of how God protected me on that day.

This story was before I went to Baraboo but I thought it would be a good story to share. I will be sharing some stories of things before Baraboo from time to time. Everything is not in the order it happen. I also will be sharing more about Dr. Delashmit and his story. (Note: He has gone on to be with the Lord.)

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