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Dr. James W. Delashmit At A Revival With A Motorcycle Rider

Dr. Delashmit was a real joy to be around and I have a lot of stories I could tell you about things that happened when I was with him. One story I remember very well that happen when he was at a revival in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. If you know Dr. Delashmit he likes to get to the church early as he likes to go over the songs he is going to sing that night. He also loved to visit with the people that came early.

This one night they happened to have a guy come on his Harley bike. He had heard the hype they had been giving in the advertisement about Dr. Delashmit the Former President of Hells Angels. He wanted to come and see it for himself. A group of us were standing outside the door talking and Dr. Delashmit was standing there talking when his guy rides up on his Harley. He wanted to show off his bike and so he rode it up to the front door and he ask Dr. Delashmit if he ever rode anything like his bike. He told him he rode all kind of bikes but he really liked the Harley bikes.

The guy ask him if he wanted to take it for a ride and his natural response was, "Sure". The guy didn't say it in front of Dr. Delashmit but he said it to a couple of us, that he didn't think he could ride a motorcycle. Dr. Delashmit mounted the bike and rode it to the back parking lot and came back riding on the back wheel. As he went by and headed for the road to take a spin, the guy looked at me and said, "Is he gonna come back?" It was funny as this guy wasn't convinced that he really was who he said he was but after the demonstration he became a believer.

When he got back we all went into the church and he preached a message that stirred our hearts. We saw some great result at that meeting and God used his testimony to challenge many to turn their hearts to God.

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