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I Lived In the Church Basement For Several Weeks

This is a story I would like to forget. The church had land next to the church and they were wanting to build a new parsonage there. After we did research we decided to order a prefabbed house and have them put it on a basement foundation that we would get poured. I was the general contractor and we sub-contracted a company to dig the basement and pour the foundation. Then we ordered the house and they were building it in Pittsville, Wisconsin. We had bought the house on 7th Street that the church had been renting for a year and we lived there for several years before they decided to build. We put the house up for sale and we set the closing date for two months after the house was suppose to be delivered. This way they could get it set on foundation and we could get the electric hooked up and water. We would have time to get the furnace and air conditioning all hooked up.

Finally closing came and the house was late being delivered. They build these houses on a railroad track in a factory. We went up to see it and it was really interesting. So we closed on the house and we moved all our stuff into the church basement. It was suppose to be a couple of days but when they finally delivered the house we couldn't move until the water, electric, furnace and air conditioning was installed.

So we set up our home in the church basement. The bathrooms were down stairs and so when anyone from the church had to use them they came downstairs. (BTW this happened about a year after the last post you read about the homeless guy who was staying in my office.) We had no real privacy and all my stuff was there for everyone to see. We tried keeping it cleaned up and I had to use my office for my bedroom for a brief time and so I didn't do any counseling for awhile.

Finally the day came that we were able to move into the house. That was a shouting day as we were ready. I am not going to bore you with all the exciting stuff that happened over these next few days. I will say after I got in the house I was thrilled and it was very nice. We built a fence on the side and later the church built a garage. That is another story for later.

God worked out all the details. It wouldn't have happened without Him. The men of the church were great in helping us get the details worked out. God is God, God is Great, and I praise Him for His mercy.

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