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King's Kids Club

While I was at the church in Baraboo we had a program for younger kids that was called the King's Kids Club. This was one of the few programs that used the KJV version of the Bible. I personally like the KJV and I was made fun of by many Pastor's and people because I like the KJV but I still like it and still use it. The Call To Glory devotional guide I use to write for when I was a Pastor was one of the few devotional guides that was written by Pastor's and they used the KJV.

Our King's Kids Club taught the kids Bible verses and it also taught them biblical principles. I am sorry to say but today we have many youth programs that don't teach the young people biblical principles. They seem to think that if it isn't fun you can't teach good things.

Kelly and I worked hard to develop our own youth program call Christian Cadet Club which I will tell you about later, much later in another post. We had several outstanding games we used that taught great Bible lessons and many of the kids learned from them. The children in our club knew their Bible.

Back to the King's Kids Club. The Pastor who developed this program has made this program available to many churches and you can get a charter like the Awana program. I think the Kings Kids Club is better than Awana's and it is more reasonable in price. We had the Awana Program in Baraboo but it got so expensive we had many families stopped coming. I know the Awana program to be well developed and that it costs money, but in our society today many of the youth we are dealing with, the parents can't afford the big expense.

I know that many of the churches help with some of this cost but when there is a small church like we had in Baraboo we didn't have the support to do that. Thus we began using the King's Kids Club program. We saw our attendance increase and our workers were eager to volunteer.

Please understand that I am not putting down the Awana Program because it is a good program. I know of several churches in our area here that use it. Your church may use it too and that is fine. I just mentioned this one because it was the one that worked for us while I was in Baraboo.

When I came down to the St Louis Area Kelly and developed a program of our own and that made it even more affordable. I wished we had the finances to make it available to other churches because the young people just loved the program.

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