Sometimes Everything Doesn't Work Out Right

I was in Madison, Wisconsin at a Chi Chi Restaurant and the waiter started talking to me and he was very grieved as his wife had divorced him and he wasn't able to see his son. He told me he lived in Baraboo and so I told him I was a Pastor in that same town. We got to talking and he ask if I did counseling of couples that had problems and I was counseling couples using the Home Ministry Training that Dr. William Johnson trained me in. He ask if I would counsel him and his ex wife and I told them I would meet with them and then I would let them know if I would take on their case.

About a week later they made an appointment to see me and I met with them. They were not interested in coming to my church as his wife already was attending another church. I told them that I would counsel them with a few exceptions. One they needed to attend church together. Number two was that they were only to see each other at church and at the counseling sessions and they would have to follow my directions 100%. They both agreed and we started having the sessions once a week.

I was pleased with the progress and they were doing very good and I moved them up to the point where I had the husband taking her out on dates. Then she allowed him to see his son and that went well and they stayed with all the requirements that I ask and things were going along real good.

Then they ask me if I would remarry them and I discouraged it but they wanted it badly and so I agreed as long as they would continue the sessions and follow my directions. They agreed and so I married them in a small ceremony at the church.

When it came for their next session I got a call that they couldn't make it that week because of a conflict. I let it go and we scheduled it the next week. They didn't show up the next week at all and I called and didn't get an answer. I finally got a hold of them the next week and they decided that things were great and they didn't want the counseling anymore. I told them that we had a long way to go and that they had promised to continue but they said they were sorry that they were doing great and that they appreciated what I did to help them put their marriage back together.

I never saw them again after that. I heard they moved to Madison, Wisconsin so he could be closer to his job. My prayer is that things worked out but sometimes they just don't work out like you plan. You have to trust God that he will use what you did to help those you were trying to help.

I pray for this couple every time I think about them. I would ask that if you are lead of the Lord you will mention them in your prayers today. Only God knows what is best.

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