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Situation With A Youth Center Young Person

We had a situation happen with one of the youth that had been attending the Youth Center. One night not a usual Youth Center night I got a call from a frantic parent. A girl I will not name, because she has an unusual name and someone reading this might know her. The parent was frantic as her daughter had locked herself in the bathroom and said she wouldn't talk with anyone except me. I had talked with her many times at the Youth Center as she was a regular.

I went over to her house and talked with her through the door. She told me she was going to commit suicide and didn't want to live. While I was talking to her, the mother went into her room and found a strange symbol painted on the wood floor next to her bed. I went in to look at it and it was a satanic symbol and it scared the stuffings out of me. I went back and talked with her and finally she opened the door and we were able to get her calmed down.

I talked with the mother and since there was not a father living with them I recommended that they seek professional counseling as well as medical attention. We were able to get her admitted into a psych ward where she could get the help she needed. The mother had a hard time with this decision and I didn't know how to deal with it so it was the best we could do for her.

I saw the girl once after that but she never came back to the Youth Center. She got involved in piercings and had quite a few but she had given up the satanic worship and was trying to get her life back together.

I want to share this at this point. If you are a Pastor or a lay person and you encounter a situation that you are not fully trained in I want to advise you to see the professionals. You may think you can help but sometimes it is beyond our scope. Seek professional help if you aren't fully trained.

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