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Weddings Can Be Interesting For A New Pastor

My first wedding was a very interesting one. I had a couple who had come from southern Wisconsin to the Dells area to get married and they chose me to marry them. I counseled them and they promised me that they had not been together and they had separate rooms at the motel they were staying at. The went to the courthouse after my session with them and got the marriage license.

They were to come back the next day and I told them that I would have two people to be the witnesses for their wedding. They ask me what I charged for a wedding and I told them that I didn't charge but if the couple wanted to give me something that they could. I guess that was my first mistake as a new Pastor.

They came back the next day ready for the wedding. They told me that they had taken a walk in the park and wanted to know if they could be married on the old bridge in the park. I told them that was okay as long as it was in the same county we could so we went across the street to the park and had their wedding on the bridge. It seemed strange at the time them dressed up but no guests to watch the wedding except the witnesses.

After the wedding I signed all the papers and had them sign and then they gave me this pouch and thanked me for marrying them. They left and I went back to the church. I opened the pouch to see what was in it and I found $35.00 in quarters. That was a real surprise and I wasn't expecting it but I was to find out I would have many more experiences like this in the future.

If you decide to run off and get married like they did I would suggest to find a Pastor who has a bit more experience. Maybe they were taking advantage of me I don't know but I sure would have like a different situation for my first wedding.

I will be having some more stories coming up and I sure would like your feed back. I know nobody wants to give feedback but it would help me as this is my first blog. You can email me at or you can make a comment on the blog post I put on Facebook everyday. Thanks in advance.

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