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Update on Storm Damage And Other Added Information

Update: Before I give you the update on storm damage I just want to explain something about my blog. Not everything is in the order it happened. I share these stories as they come back to me. Some will be before Baraboo and some after, more recent. Here is an example: I just remembered about the time I was robbed at gun point. That one will be coming up this month.

We got the tree out of the roof and a tarp on top of it. Ryan's Construction did that for us and we were very grateful. Randy came over and worked very hard at cutting up the tree that fell. It was a very big tree and it caused a great deal of damage. Most of the tree has been hauled away and some of the scrap was picked up by a man would collects scrap. It was stuff that was total destroyed and unusable.

The adjuster was out and checked the damage and we hope to hear from him soon. We have contacted someone to repair the wall that was blown out. It was a bookcase that was built into the wall in our mudroom. (That is what we call it and it is where our dogs stay when we are not at home.) Everyone is safe and the dogs are okay. They were with us when the storm hit. All of our birds are safe as well.

All the damage to the yard furniture will be taken care of after we get the house stuff fixed. We will be sending the adjuster all the information on each item as we had a host of personal damage done to yard furniture. There was minimal damage to our pool deck. The gate was damaged and will have to be repaired and one spindle on the stairs going up the deck and ne board was cracked.

We had some damage to the siding and that will have to be replaced as well. We have a great deal of yard clean up that will have to be done. The roof on the back half of the house will have to be replaced and we are working on getting the bid on that and we hope they will be able to start soon.

Thanks for following my blog and I have many true life stories coming up about events that you will be amazed at how God can work in the lives of people. I will be sharing some recent things as well so it won't be all about my time at Baraboo. I had someone ask if I am going to share things that happened at Pleasant View and I will be sharing stories about my time there too.

I know you will enjoy these stories and I might go back to my early childhood later but I am not going to do that at this time. Your input helps, so please feel free to make comments.

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