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Police Stop Me With Church Member In The Car

While living in Baraboo I had a very interesting experience with the police. Just to clear the air I am very pro police. I don't like being stopped by the police but when I am I try to be respectful. In the case I am telling you about today, I had a man from my church in the car with me and so it made it embarrassing. I am not going to share names because I don't want anyone to know who I am talking about.

I was driving down the main drag in Baraboo when suddenly a policeman hit his lights on and then off. I pulled over to the side of the road and when he came to my window he ask me to get out and come back to his squad car. I knew the police officer as I knew many of them who were on the Baraboo police force. When we got back to his car we stood behind the squad car. I ask him what I had done and he said nothing that he just wanted to talk with me. He told me the man in my car was nothing but trouble and I needed to be careful being around him. He just was trying to warn me because the man in the car had been it trouble with the local police more than I knew about.

I didn't know everything about the man in my car except he had lost his license due to driving under the influence. Two weeks before I had the opportunity to lead him and his wife to the Lord and they had accepted Christ as their Savior and I had the honor of baptizing both of them. I had been working with him to help him get his driver's license back. I had just gone to court with him and the judge allowed him to have a temporary license as long as he was in church every Sunday and he reported to me. If he was caught drinking at all then he would lose all of his privileges. If I found out he was doing anything he wasn't suppose to do I was to report it to the court. They gave him a temporary license and I was to work with him and hopeful he would get his regular one back.

I worked with him for about six months and he had quit drinking and he and his wife were coming to church regularly. Finally he got his regular license back and his life was on the right track.

About six months after that police had stop me I was walking uptown and I saw the officer again. He said to me I don't know what you did, (talking about the man who was in my car the first time he stopped me), but he is a changed man. He said he wouldn't have believed it but he had been able to observe him over the past months and he noticed a real change. I told him about how he accept Christ as his Savior and God changed his heart. The officer said he has a bunch of people he would like to refer to me.

Over the next few years the police recommended me to the court to counsel people who had problems. Well, I can say some changed and God worked in their lives. I did have one young boy who the court ask me to help him manage his finances because he wasn't paying his bills and so I had to oversee him and counsel him. He followed my directions for about two months and then he didn't show up for his session and I tried to call him without success. I had to call the court and report him and he got put back in jail for not taking care of his financial responsibilities.

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