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True Friends Are There When You Need Them

While in living in Baraboo, Wisconsin I made many friends. It is hard being a Pastor and having friends who are members. Bro. Clyde and Eileen started out as neighbors and became very good friends. We were neighbors for a long time and didn't really talk a great deal but as time went on we began to talk and I found out that he had lost a loved one and it opened the opportunity for us to talk. I found out that they had accepted the Lord as their Savior during that time. I invited them to our church and they seemed very cautious. I really couldn't blame them as they had gone through some very difficult times. They came and it was during this time that we became very close with them. Bro. Clyde and Eileen became very involved in the church and whenever I needed something he was always there to help out. I ask Bro. Clyde if he would sing a duet with me in church and I think he thought I was crazy but I told him we would practice until he was comfortable and then we would do it. As it turned out he was a natural and we sang together for many years while I was a Pastor in Baraboo.

During the years I served as Pastor they both were faithful to the church and they were very supportive to me. Bro. Clyde and I worked on many projects together. He helped to see us through remodeling at the church and parsonage and we even had time to do some work at his house. I will never forget the time we added a room on to his house. I learned a great deal of other skills from him over the years that has been a help to me today.

After I left Baraboo we lost touch for awhile but whenever I was in the area we would try and stop and see them. They were always good friends. Both of them were a help to me during a very difficult time in my life. They are truly true friends because true friends are there when you need them.

I have had friends over the years and some have come and gone. Bro. Clyde and Eileen have been there for me. I want to encourage you today. If you find a true friend in your life remember them and always know that if they are a true friend they will be there for you.

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