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The Pastor's Office Makes For A Nice Place To Sleep

This is one story many haven't heard because I didn't tell it very often. Later in my ministry we moved my office into the basement and put carpet on the floor. It was a bigger room than the one upstairs and I was able to be in my office when we had other activities downstairs. One such example is for many years we had a youth center in the basement on Monday nights. We opened our church basement to the community by opening a youth center. I told you about that in previous post.

Back to my office... Our church also collected food for needy families and we had a food pantry of sorts in the kitchen area. One week I decided to work at the home instead of being at the church and so I didn't get over to the church most of the week. I can't remember what day it was but I came over and when I went into my office I noticed someone had broken the window and climbed in and they had been sleeping in my office. They had gone into our kitchen and made food from the food pantry and made themselves at home. We never found out who it was but we called the police and reported it and they kept an eye out and I didn't stay away very long like that again. We got the window fixed and we kept a closer eye on it. The police found a homeless man during that same time span wondering the streets and they gave him a ride to the next town over. They didn't know if it was him but we never had anymore problems after they escorted him to the next town.

If you don't have a place to sleep the Pastor's office makes a nice place. At least that was what someone thought. This might give us some time to think about the homeless and pray for them. I know in our area here in St. Louis we have a great many homeless.

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