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A Tree Came Down Today And Fell In Our Roof

Not sure about the time but after midnight, March 7, 2017 when the storm was whipping through Alton, IL a large tree came down and went through our roof. It is still dark and I cannot see all the damage. It blew a wall out in our mud room in the back of the house and another part of the tree fell on our back deck. It damaged all the stuff that was on the deck ripped the gate off our pool deck and tossed our pool steeps into the pool. Can't see if we had damage to the pool as the large tree won't let us go out back door. The deck is full with tree branches from the large tree that came down. The mud room was totally wiped out as far as the one wall and everything that was in the shelves in on the floor. The room is not even able to walk in it except a few feet on the far side.

Our house received serious damage but we all survived. No lost of life. All the dogs are okay and our birds are okay. Called insurance and they say it will be a couple of days not sure what to do.

The back stairwell has a tree in it and we can't see all the damage yet. We will be calling the insurance as soon as it gets light so we can see what has happened. The dogs cannot get out the back door where they usually go in the yard as the entire area is blocked with a big tree.

The gutters and flashing are all knocked off the house and their is damage to the rear door. All the outdoor furniture that was on the deck was wiped out. One table shattered and chairs where thrown and broken in pieces. We have been up since midnight and it is 3:27am right now.

Please pray with us as we deal with this disaster that is going to cost to me a major expense. Pray that God will show us the way to deal with this mess.

I want to thank those who real my blog in advance for your prayers. Email me if you are wanting more details.

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