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I Always Dreaded Talking To Beggar's Who Come For A Hand Out

One of the things I hated most about the ministry was people who came begging. The reason was because almost 98% of them were there to take advantage of the church. Usually when I told them to stay for the service and I would talk with them, they would leave but many of the diehard beggars would stay and they were hard to read.

One Wednesday night I had a man walk in the back of the church. He was dressed all in white and I had a man in my church who was a baker who dressed just like that when he was working. He came up to me and said he wanted to talk with me and I told him to stay for our service and I would talk with him afterwards. He went and sat down in a pew three rows from the back. My guess was he lost his job and was looking for a hand out. The man in my church had lost his job where he was working and was looking for a job so I assumed this guy was in the same boat.

After the service was over I greeted all the folks hoping the guy would just leave but he stuck around until everyone had left. I took him to my office which at the time just off the sanctuary on the left side in the front. Just before we got to the door he said, "I don't want to take up your time. God told me to come here and give this to you." He handed me a one hundred dollar bill that was folded in two and I didn't at the time know what it was and I just put it in my pocket. He turned around and walked out of the church.

I went into my office and took care of some business I needed to attend to and then left to go to my house which was next door. At this time I forgot about the note he had given me or at least at the time I thought it was a note. When I was getting ready for bed I emptied my pockets and was putting my clothes away and I saw the 100 dollar bill. Wow that surprised me. At that time I wished I knew who the man was that gave me the money.

I went to bed that night and when I got up in the morning I went to my car to go somewhere and the car wouldn't start. I looked under the hood but I know about as much about the engine as a Dentist knows about baking a cake. I had to call a mechanic and they came out and took my car in. The called back and told me what it was going to cost and it came to 100 dollars including tax. Sometimes things aren't what they seem. That day I learned to not judge someone by the way they were dressed.

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