Where Did All that Food Come From

In my years as Pastor I had many opportunities to preach at special meetings. Many times I was ask to preach at Pastor retreats. In Wisconsin we had them once a month and I was blessed to preach in two or three for all of the sixteen years I was in Wisconsin. I was also ask to preach at a God and Country Seminar in Minnesota. That was a great honor for me as I was able to preach to hundreds of Pastors that attended.

You probably are wondering what that has to do with food, right? Well, I was ask to preach at a Stewardship Dinner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at a rather large church and this was before mega churches. My best guess is that they had an regular attendance of 1000 but on the night I spoke they had about 500 at the dinner. When I got up to speak I noticed that the stage was covered from one side to the other with food. The people of the church in the spirit of stewardship had collected all that food I assumed for needy families.

After I finished my sermon the Pastor came up to close the night out and he told me that the food that they had collected was for me. I almost fell over in shock and my first thought was how was I going to get it home. I had a small car and it was over 90 miles home. I don't know how this pastor knew about my need but he was a spiritual man that listened to God and God put me on his heart and I was totally blessed.

After everyone said goodbye I went to the Pastor to make plans on how I would get the food home and he told me that he had a man in his church who was going to load it in a trailer and bring it up to me the next morning. What a blessing this was for me.

The next morning when he arrived he had another man with him and they carried all of the food into my house. My back porch was full when they got it all in. Plus they sent me a turkey, ham and other meat that filled my freezer. We had food for almost three or four months and we didn't have to go to the store because if I needed it I found it in this large food collection.

The only thing I can say is that God blesses and He provided for me in a super way. God is good, God is great and He blesses me all the time.

When I moved down to the St. Louis Area I noticed they do things differently down here. The speakers for their retreats and Pastor's meeting are preached by big name preachers or preachers that have a big church. The problem I have with that is you never hear how the small struggling Pastor is making out. I use to attend all the Pastor's retreats and they had great meetings and the singing was great but I never heard from the small church struggling Pastor and I didn't real feel like I was apart of the group. The Pastors with the big churches sat over here and the others found a place somewhere to sit on the outskirts.

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