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A Revival During A Snow Storm

I have an interesting story to share with you. We had planned a revival and in my ignorance I set up the date during the first week of December. What makes this a bad time is that it was Wisconsin. I had invited an old friend, Dr. William Johnson to be with us. I had went through the Home Ministry Training under him several years before I entered the ministry.

He arrived a day early so he could set his Camper up in my back yard. We got everything set up and then Saturday it started to snow. When it snows in Wisconsin it snows. You don't just get a dusting you get several inches. Saturday night we had a meeting of the minds about what to do because of all the snow. Folks were calling and saying that they wouldn't be able to get their cars out. I got this crazy idea to pick everyone up on the bus. The church had a 33 passenger bus and so I began to call people and set up a route so I could go around and pick everyone up. I got several men out to shovel the walks at the church and I got the bus out and warmed it up. I started early as I knew it would take a while to pick everyone up.

I went around and picked everyone up and then when I got back to the church we unloaded all the people I had picked up on the bus. We all went inside and we started the service. We had a great service and at the end of the service when we gave the invitation we had two decisions that were made. We had two young people come forward and accept Christ as their Savior. The revival had turned into a blessing with two young souls getting saved on the first day.

We canceled the Sunday evening service due to all the snow. We knew it would be a tough job to get everyone to come back again on the bus that evening. On Monday the snowplows were out and got the roads clear and we had a good service the rest of the week.

God blessed in spite of my ignorance. We had many rededicate their lives and God truly blessed the services each night. On Saturday morning I had to take the bus over to my house and help Dr. Johnson pull his camper out of the snowbank in my backyard. God used this revival to bless many.

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