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Just Another Day At The Office

One day I got up and went to the church office to spend some time in prayer and study for my Sunday sermon. One thing I learned early in my ministry is that Satan is a distractor. It seems every time I would get moving in the right direction someone would call or knock on my door. I enjoy for people to need me and I think a Pastor wants his people to need him. But sometimes Satan uses this to distract. On this particular day it seemed to stand out more than any other day. Right off the bat I had a man come to me saying he needed some money because he was having a serious toothache. Several weeks before I had a toothache and I had to go to the dentist so I felt sorry for him. But as a Pastor I know many will take advantage of your kindness and not use the money for what they are asking it for. So I called my dentist and ask him if I could send a man up to him. I ask him to see what he could do for his pain and send me the bill. I wrote down the directions to the dentist's office and told him that I had instructed the dentist to put it on my bill. As he was leaving I looked out the window and saw him walk by and wad up the directions I gave him and throw them on the ground. He probably didn't need a dentist, he probably just wanted some money.

The next thing that happened is very bizarre and some will probably think I am making it up but it really happened. I heard a knock on the front door of the church. The door was unlocked so I just sat and waited a few minutes and I thought they would check the door and come in. When nobody came in I went back to the door and opened it. I was totally caught by surprise when I saw a cross that was about 5 feet tall sitting on the porch. I looked at it and it looked like it was covered with several spots of blood and it had some nails in it with some rubber bands attached to it. It was very strange so I called the police.

When the police arrived they thought it very strange but they wanted to check it to see if it was blood and so they took the cross with them. They told me to lock the door until they could determine what exactly they were dealing with. Later that day they called me and they brought the cross back and said from what they could determine the stain was either a wine stain or a berry stain. They didn't understand the nails or the rubber bands. I put it in my office and left it.

On Wednesday night I used it as an object lesson and told the people I was not sure what it meant but that sometimes we have things happen we can't explain. We had a very interesting discussion that night.

On Friday of that week I got another knock on the door and I went to answer it and found a man who was dressed like what many would call a hobo. He ask about the cross and I told him I had it. He asked if he could have it back. I gave it back to him and I ask him why he put it on our porch. He said he just wanted someone to take care of it for him for a few days as it was getting heavy lugging it around. I ask what the satin meant and the nails and rubber bands. He said he put that on there so people would ask him questions. Nothing he shared with me had anything to do with God or the symbol the cross. So my week was shot with a runaround for no real reason. Satan won as he had totally wasted many hours of mine, while I was trying to figure this whole deal.

Sometimes we have to just realize that Satan wants to waste our time with things that don't really matter. What we need to do is when we see what is happening that we stop before it gets out of hand and we waste precious time that was really time we needed to pray and study. Come back for more tomorrow.

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