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Why Are We Slow To Respond

Why are we slow to respond when we see others hurting? Over the years I have been in the ministry I have seen many folks hurting. Some have physical problems and deal with them on a daily basis. It grieves me when I hear someone go up to them and say, what sin did you commit to bring this on. Where is the response of encouragement and love?

I have also seen people who are hurting emotionally. People go through difficult times and as Christians we ought to be the one to encourage them. How many times have you seen someone crying in church or they just didn't seem happy and you just ignored them? They may be going through something and they may need you to uplift them.

Several years ago we had a visitor come into our church. I went back and greeted her and welcomed her to our service. She didn't come back the next week and I decided to drop by and visit her because she had filled out a visitors card and indicated she wanted a visit. Not long after I got in her home I found out the reason she has not returned to our church. Someone came over to shake her hand and they noticed she had lots of tattoos on her body, and they told her that was sinful. Now I am not a tattoo person but that was totally out of line. I talked with her and we had a good visit but she said she couldn't feel comfortable at our church. Why does anyone say things like this? God isn't pleased and here was a hurting lady that needed someone to love her, not chastise her.

The way you respond to those who walk through the doors of the church will affect them the rest of their lives. If you are slow to respond or you respond with a remark that is hurtful it may change them forever. I little love and encouragement will go a long way to heal a broken heart or heal a spiritual wound that needs healing.

I want to share one more brief story. One Sunday we had a man walk into the church. He had shoulder length hair and was dressed kind of rough. One of the men in the church said to me we need to keep an eye on that guy. I told him we need to pray for him we don't know his situation. He said that he doesn't fit in and probably should go somewhere else. I told him that when God changes the heart he can transform a person. A few Sundays later this man can forward at the end of the service and I had the opportunity to lead him to the Lord. He indicated he wanted to get baptized and I explained to him about baptism. Again the man from our church came to me and said are you going to baptize him with that long hair? Tell him to get a haircut. I told him I would do no such thing that God changed the inside and he will change the outside. I baptized him and the next Sunday I looked for him but didn't see him. We had a young man walk into the church that was dressed nice and had a clean haircut. The man that had commented about the man with long hair went over to greet him and to his surprise it was the same guy I baptized the week before. He didn't recognize him. God can change the outside as well as the inside.

Say tuned for more coming up. Please drop me a line at and let me know you are reading my blog. It would be an encouragement to me.

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