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The Miracle God Showed Me

I left you hanging the other day. I was in Baraboo with a truck full of furniture and no place to put it. God worked a miracle. Nellie a lady in the church allowed us to stay overnight at her house. When I got up in the morning I looked out the window and I saw a man moving furniture out of a house two doors down. I went down to talk to him and I found out this was one of the houses I called about, the one that was sold. As I was finishing up talking with the guy his phone rang and he had to go in the house to answer it. I waited outside for him to return and when he did he told me something happened and the deal fell through and the house was not sold. I talked with him to see if we could rent it until he could find another buyer. Within minutes I had keys and about two hours later my furniture was in the house. I did nothing but God worked a miracle. Maybe you can't see it but I was there and I experienced it.

Many times God uses people to do his work but if we don't listen to Him, we will never experience the blessing of being used by God to supply a special need. Many times God uses people to meet needs of others and if the person God has chosen to meet the need, fails to hear His call, a blessing is missed.

A real life example of this happened to me on Friday night, this past week. Kelly and I were in a restaurant eating. She had been looking for a new job and everyone wants her to hurry up and wait and it was getting discouraging. We decided to go out to eat to try and encourage ourselves. God had other plans. He sent a very special couple we knew to bless us and they heard His message and they did as He told them to. After they talked to us at our table and they left, we were talking when God sent him back and he left $40.00 on our table for our dinner. He heard God's call and he answered with an action. I wonder how many of us are losing a blessing because we fail to answer God's call? You have to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit if you are going to hear His call.

The man who had his real estate deal fall through didn't know that he was going to be used of God to supply my need but God used him. Some times we receive a blessing when we least expect it. If more people listened to the voice of God there is no telling how much He could accomplish.

I hope you will join me tomorrow as we explore more about this. I can tell you from experience there is nothing better than being used of God to accomplish His mission.

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