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Pastoring Isn't All Games

If you read my last post you know what I mean. I jumped in feet first when I went to Baraboo. On my first Sunday when I got to church there was three inches of snow on the ground. If Bro. Clyde had been there when I first when to the church that wouldn't have happened but he came along later. (I will tell you about him later.) I found a snow shovel and I shoveled the walks to the front door. It would have been nice if someone had done this before I got there but they usually waited until just before church started to shovel. This is not a good idea and if you are a deacon, trustee, or healthly man you ought to not allow the Pastor to shovel the walks.

I have to say that the chairman of the Deacons had broken his neck the week before falling off a hay wagon but one of the other men should have stepped up.

On my second week at the church I got an emergency call at 10:00pm on Saturday night. The phone rang and I was startled and answered it expecting to hear that someone had died. The man who took care of the church cleaning called to tell me we didn't have any toilet paper. I told him to go to the all night mart and buy some. The Pastor shouldn't have to deal with this.

The next day I got a real blessing and this should be an example to all of you. Nellie a senior saint in the church came up to me before church and said, "I am not able to do much in the church as far as work and stuff but I want you to know I pray for you every night and every morning." What a blessing that was to me. Pray for your Pastor if you can't do anything else.

Not long after I was at the church I got an emergency call from the hospital. (A real one.) A church member's husband was in an accident and I was needed up there right away. I got in my car and went immediately. When I got there I found another senior saint in the waiting room. He husband had an accident and drove into a house. After talking to the doctor I found out he had a heart attack and died while driving. The doctor tried to tell her that he was gone but she couldn't believe it. I sat down and cried with her and prayed with her until I was able to help her understand. I stood by her side as she stood beside his lifeless body in the exam room and I prayed that God would give her the strength she would need in the days to come. I had his funeral a few days later and that was a tough situation. It is never easy but God gives us the grace and courage to keep going on. Join me for more in the coming days.

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