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Giving The Pastor His Due

Most people think that the job of a Pastor is easy and they do nothing but golf, read, eat and sleep. Well after having been a Pastor for over 33 years I can tell you it is nothing like that. You always want the Pastor to be there when you need him and he usually is, but you don't know what he had gone thru to get where he is today.

When I went to my first church in Baraboo, Wisconsin I got a good dose of what it is to be the Pastor. When I got there I had a truck full of furniture and no place to put it. When I got to the church I went into my office and all that was in the room was a chair and a phone. When I called around town there were only two houses for rent and the one was not livable, and the other one was for sale and had just been sold.

It took a miracle for God to fix that mess and of course He did. It would take me a book to explain every thing so if you want to hear the whole story you have to read the blog. I am going to give it out a bit at a time. Check my blog out each day for more.

Shortly after I arrived in Baraboo I met another Pastor. After talking to him I wondered what I had gotten into. He told me that if I visit the people, go to the nursing homes, have office hours, and etc. that the people would expect more and more each week. He offered to take me to the golf course. He said he plays golf an average of three times a week and he does calls once a month and he never visits people in the hospital. Needless to say I didn't go with him and it was but two or three months later I heard he was leaving his church because the attendance went down the toilet. Not actually, but in a matter of speaking. I was glad I didn't listen to him. Read tomorrow for more.

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