Don't Give Your Money To The Clown

Text: Exodus 3:1-5

Back in the late 1920s Charles Lambert and his wife Ellen, had a son named Abner. They lived way out in the country and had never got to see the circus and 12 year old Abner more than anything wanted to see the circus.

When a poster went up at school announcing the circus Abner was excited and he ran home and told his folks about it and asked if he could go. His father told him if he did his chores all week he could go. He worked extra hard and did all his chores and more than was expected.

Moses wanted to do what was right but God had to remove his excuses. Sometimes we are like him and we make excuses when really we need to set a goal and then reach out for it.

On Saturday morning, when Abner got all his chores done his father reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar. That was the most money Abner ever had in his whole life. When he got to town he saw people along the street as the circus parade went by. He had never seen anything so wonderful and he was so excited. He saw caged lions, a tiger, elephants, the circus band, acrobats performing tricks, and finally at the end of the circus, a clown. As the end of the parade came by he reached in his pocket and got the dollar his dad gave him and he walked over and gave it to the clown and then went home.

Abner had worked hard and had walked a long ways and now he just paid the clown and went home. Some might say why didn’t he stay and see the circus performance.

Sometimes we lose sight of our goal and we get sidetracked or we don’t put our whole heart into to it and we wonder what happened. Abner saw the parade but not the circus. He paid the clown but never reached the goal he wanted, which was to see the circus. Satan is the clown who would love to take whatever you have if he could to keep you from doing exactly what God wants you to do. Don't pay the clown and miss the best part of life.

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